Organic Circuitry

[img:3r3pabu3][/img:3r3pabu3] Ektoplazm is proud to present Organic Circuitry, our first official compilation release. Compiled by DJ Basilisk, Organic Circuitry features an eclectic assortment of songs contributed by friends and allies around the world, many of whom have already appeared in the free music section of the Ektoplazm web site. Conceived as a celebration of the vibrant diversity of the global psychedelic trance underground, Organic Circuitry features an exotic blend of new school Goa trance, fat and funky full-on, pumping progressive, and deeply enchanting downtempo. Although differing in their approach, the songs of Organic Circuitry are united in their common emphasis on the power of melody to convey ideas and emotions. Every track shimmers with colour and light—fantastic stories waiting to be told. To ensure a professional level of quality, Organic Circuitry has been mastered by Colin Bennun @ the Stooodio, Bristol, UK, and features cover artwork by Paul Zulauf. 01 :: Ekoplex - The Alchemist (7:50) 02 :: Magic & Witchcraft - Superstructure (7:40) 03 :: Felis - Unknowledged Knowledge (7:27) 04 :: Jikkenteki vs Katapult (PAR-2) - Swamp Monster (7:32) 05 :: Clone - Perseids (8:16) 06 :: EvsY - Fennomaniac's Delight (7:46) 07 :: Intriga - Lost Cause (9:35) 08 :: Jikooha - Galaxy Journey (7:48) 09 :: Filteria - The Predator (2907 Remix) (8:04) 10 :: Phobosphere - Intersection 2060 (7:16) [url=]Download[/url:3r3pabu3] ---------------- Now playing: [url=]Zerohour Vs Psydisrupter - Supernatural[/url:3r3pabu3] via [url=]FoxyTunes[/url:3r3pabu3]