HSSR Competition: Enjoy the Music and win CDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

HSSR Competition: Enjoy the Music and win CDS!!!!!!!!!!!! HSSR would like to send some Love to its digital friends by launching its first competition! This is a special live mix of djCRX, recorded last Christmas. Special because it includes many HSS tracks which where then unreleased and raw and it was the first time they were introduced to the public. This 2-hour set includes 39 tracks, mainly HSS material with only a few exceptions. The first lucky two(2) to recognize and identify at least 20 of them, will receive a promo pack including Helicon's catalogue Download link: CRX(HSSR) - December 25th 2007 pt1 : CRX(HSSR) - December 25th 2007 pt2 : This competition is also running at the following websites: There will be two winners on each of these websites, which means that 21 prizes will be given to the first posters!!! In order for the posts to be homogenous, the will have to look like this: CRX (HSSR)-December 25th 2007 pt1 (7:24)-songtitle (13:24) (45:87!!!!!) The track position doesn't matter, only the timespot. It doesn't get easier than that! And for things to be absolutely fair, you can't post to more than one sites! I'm already kissing my CDs goodbye…G Good luck! Please post you answers here! HSS Records@ Myspace ( Global Electronic Network) (Greek Electronic netowork) HSS Records@Facebook ... 5090443778 HSSR Records@Psyport HSSR@ HSSR@Youtube Official Site : soon available Contact :