HSSRGR01:Diana The Moon Goddess

... they call You Hekate, Many-named, Mene, cleaving Air just like Dart-shooter Artemis, Persephone, Shooter of Deer, night shining, triple-sounding, Triple-headed, triple-voiced Selene Triple-pointed, triple-faced, triple-necked, And Goddess of the Triple Ways, who hold Untiring Flaming Fire in Triple Baskets, And You who oft frequent the Triple Way And rule the Triple Decades... N.O.M Vs Narcosis - Mother Tromo - Hear the fear Komfuzius - No remorse Psychoson - LSD USA Eleusis - Persefone Jyro - Phantom of the moonlight Digital X - 7 days ago Suspiria - Aberrations of consciousness Noized - Big Nasty sh... Narcosis - Beast Maddness and a bonus track : Full Face - Download Link : ... n-goddess/ Mastering by John Revis @ Cymazz Studios Artwork provided by Cartoonhead and Hellhazers A special thanks to all the people involved for the making of this va ..Mother of Gods And Men, and Nature, Mother of All Things... ...Beginning And End are You, and You Alone rule All. For All Things are from You, and in You do All Things, Eternal One, come to their End