HSS002 : Entropia 07.07.07 Definitions of Entropy: 1. (on a macroscopic scale) a function of thermodynamic variables, as temperature, pressure, or composition, that is a measure of the energy that is not available for work during a thermodynamic process. A closed system evolves toward a state of maximum entropy. 2.(in statistical mechanics) a measure of the randomness of the microscopic constituents of a thermodynamic system. Symbol: S 3.(in data transmission and information theory) a measure of the loss of information in a transmitted signal or message. 4.(in cosmology) a hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is at a uniform temperature (heat death). 5.a doctrine of inevitable social decline and degeneration Tracklist: 1.Phobos and Deimos-Go Home 2.Fractroll- Liquid Hunger 3.BrainScratcher-Moment to Pain 4.N.O.M.-The Greek Alphabet 5.Khaos Sektor-Bardo Beings 6.Secret Society-Disoriented 7.Fomenth-Biatch 8.Cosmic Ways vs Murder Inc-Voices of Sorrow 9.Sator Arepo-HellRaiser 10.Yata Garasu-Malebolgia Download link: ... -in-space/ 7 stellar objects visible to the naked eye, the pH of pure water,7 spots of the ladybug, the seven terraces of purgatory,7 the heads of the three beasts of apocalypse , 7 the earths of Islam ,7 the tribes , 7 sins , 7 virtues , 7inch the format of the 45rpm gramophone record , 7 holes in the human head , 7 seas , 7 colours of the rainbow , 7 chakras … Reason is immortal, all else mortal Website : Contact/Licensing/Bookings: