Freeform Human
Freeform Human - Pre-Release Album Preview (Hired Goonz ect)

[b:8xcco7s4][size=150:8xcco7s4]Download a pre-release of the first 20 minutes of the Freeform Human album here:[/size:8xcco7s4][/b:8xcco7s4] (if you like the music please share as much as possible as a return favour) [b:8xcco7s4]FREEFORM HUMAN - Psytrance New Sound - DJ bookings available now.[/b:8xcco7s4] Freeform Human is collaborative audio/visual project from one member of Hired Goonz (Freeform) with a visual artist (Human) The music is best described as analogue laden psychedelic trance clashed with heavy inspiration from outside the genre. Expect to hear layers of electro, rock, breaks, hip hop, funk and world music in amongst classic psychedelic trance sounds. Live performance includes live keys, scratching and an extended live band with guitar and drums where available. The visual aspect of the performance includes synchronous psychedelic projections of captured footage. (Time lapse / photography / movie footage) All footage is of a manipulated analogue nature. Freeform human are now taking bookings for DJ sets Australia wide and are moving to Europe mid next year so get in while you can. John is regularly in Brisbane and spends the majority of his time in Melbourne so get in contact for dates. Live sets are available from January. The debut album is due out December 1. It is a well paced 60 minute piece of Psytrance fusion music for hassle free domestic tripping, but it also comes split into 23 tracks for dj's to jack in and out as they please. The album will be packaged as green as possible, each unit will be hand painted and signed by the artists, no two will be the same! Apart from this, more traditional style Dj tracks with bigger windups ect will be available for lossless digital download. If you want to DJ the album teaser please feel free, its 142 BPM and just mix in and jack out wherever you like, or play the whole thing. If you appreciate the free music, do us a small favour in return! please forward the website to other people, crews and dj’s that might be interested, we would muchly appreciate your efforts. Any producers please feel free to edit the music however you like, but please credit it as our track and your edit/remix. We will even host it here for you, just send it across when your done. Warm Regards, hope to see you soon. John Halloran & Jason Mitchell Freeform Human 0431 837 781