Ekoplex - Journey Of The Turtle; Canadian psytrance, free!

[url=][img:1t7db7us][/img:1t7db7us][/url:1t7db7us] [url=][b:1t7db7us]EKOPLEX - JOURNEY OF THE TURTLE[/b:1t7db7us][/url:1t7db7us] 01 :: Into The Unknown (7:13) 02 :: Fizzgig (6:57) 03 :: Graxon (7:06) 04 :: We've Been Watching You (6:51) 05 :: Druid Walker (7:10) 06 :: Modoc (6:52) 07 :: Quantillion X (6:58) 08 :: Journey Of The Turtle (6:43) 09 :: Mount At-Ak (7:04) 10 :: Beautiful Rainbow (6:48) [url=][b:1t7db7us]Journey Of The Turtle[/b:1t7db7us][/url:1t7db7us] is the full-length debut from [url=][b:1t7db7us]Ekoplex[/b:1t7db7us][/url:1t7db7us] (Ray Vincent), one of Canada’s most well-respected psytrance producers. Infused with an original style and unmistakable energy, this album flows through dark and driving techtrance, quirky melodic full-on, and richly atmospheric progressive to arrive at an inspiring downtempo finale. Versatile and unconventional, Journey Of The Turtle is designed to flourish in a wide variety of settings, from the festival dance floor to your home stereo. To ensure the best possible sound quality, this album has been mastered by Tim Schuldt at [url=]4CN Studios[/url:1t7db7us], Germany. Journey Of The Turtle is released under a [url=]Creative Commons licence[/url:1t7db7us] for noncommercial usage. This is the third official release on the [url=]Ektoplazm[/url:1t7db7us] new media label. Both the MP3 and lossless packages are available for free download—and for those who still make use of physical media there is a CD version for sale as well! If you like this, be sure to check out Ekoplex’s [url=]Enter The Dragon EP[/url:1t7db7us], also available from Ektoplazm. Download it for free in MP3/WAV or purchase the CD direct from Ektoplazm: ... he-turtle/