Phobium - Live In Gothenburg 06-10-2007

[img:d36oqbnx][/img:d36oqbnx] Tracklist: 01. Phobium - Wasting Noise 02. Phobium - Perpetual Motion 03. Phobium - King Of Infinite Space 04. Phobium - To The Pancake House 05. Phobium - Changeless Changed 06. Phobium - Spatial Ryskipyski 07. Phobium - I Know Where To Go Now 08. Phobium - Taliban Fitta 09. Phobium - Chronol Energy 10. Phobium - Don't Cry 11. Phobium - Risk 12. Phobium - Retro Square 13. Phobium - Pureblood 14. Phobium - Different Ways 15. Norwindia - Raggsokk 16. Phobium - Mushy Pushy 17. Phobium - Tonight is Forever [b:d36oqbnx]Download:[/b:d36oqbnx] [quote:d36oqbnx] Seventeen tracks in 85 minutes. All tracks are written and produced by me, except track 15, Norwindia - Raggsokk, which is done by me and Silent Horror. It was recorded on the same laptop that I was using to play, so this is what it sounded like before it hit the mixer, I've just added a slight EQ and some compression on the recording. The live set is available in both mp3 (v0 vbr) and flac (-8) format. I also included m3u, nfo and cue files. As you'll see when you load the cue file, two tracks contain two tunes, track 8 and track 14. When you listen to it I think you'll understand why.[/quote:d36oqbnx]
Sonic Rage

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