[0111] The Alpha Source show 30-01-11 Dear friends, We are happy to present you with first edition of The Alpha Source show at Triplag webradio! [color=blue:4rc8r08c]SUNDAY 30th of Januray 2011 19:00 CET ( Central European Time)[/color:4rc8r08c] [img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c] handy time conversion page Hosted by famous Alpha in this show you will hear Triplag special interviews with [b:4rc8r08c]Goa Gil, Far East Ghost Zero-Blade[/b:4rc8r08c]. All will be mixed up with released and unreleased tracks from The Nommos, Far East Ghost and Zero-Blade. Followed by Triplag Forum news highlights by Vic. Please connect with us before, during and after the show via Triplag forum We want to hear from you! Any comments, suggestions or just bla bla bla :) TUNE IN: or from (and select link for your player) [b:4rc8r08c]Goa Gil: [/b:4rc8r08c] [img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c][img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c][img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c] [b:4rc8r08c]Far East Ghost:[/b:4rc8r08c] [img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c][img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c] [b:4rc8r08c]Zero-Blade[/b:4rc8r08c]: [img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c][img:4rc8r08c][/img:4rc8r08c] Your hosts: Vic Triplag: DJ Alpha bio and profile at myspace: Home page: Download: ... ce0111.rar