shamaniac - message for mankind brought by

NEUROFORCE.NET BRINGS YOU : shamaniac - message for mankind :shock: download link : Release Date :18.11.2009 Crew: Neuroforce.NET :idea: hey a psyfreak from Romania ( Bulgarias neighbour ) 22 years old ive been listening to goatrance/psytrance since 97 98 when i was only 10 11 years old thanks to my brother who is older then me... i finished a mix and you all are welcome to download it and trip as far as i did with the aswome playlist ive selected for this one. :D this mix comes with a message and its very simple.. WAKE UP!! see the real world.. bee the change you want in the world! feel free to sign up on our forum @ and comment about it ! 8) we also have a Radio wich you can tune in at this adress: or BOOM SHANKAR BROTHERS!!! :oops: REMEMBER ... PEACE LOVE UNITY AND RESPECT ! :oops: :oops: :oops: 2012 is coming... less to for you to change into a better human! :P contact E-mail : Ymessnger: MSN: