[Chillout mix] Natural Crystal - Towards Dreams[VBR~256kbps]

[size=150:2ceerspg]Natural Crystal - Towards Dreams (chillout mix)[/size:2ceerspg] [img:2ceerspg][/img:2ceerspg] [b:2ceerspg]Country[/b:2ceerspg]: Russia [b:2ceerspg]Genre[/b:2ceerspg]: Chillout, Downtempo, Lounge [b:2ceerspg]Year[/b:2ceerspg]: 2009 [b:2ceerspg]Format[/b:2ceerspg]: MP3, VBR~256 kbps , tracks [b:2ceerspg]Duration[/b:2ceerspg]: 00:59:48 [b:2ceerspg]Track List:[/b:2ceerspg]: 01 Cosmic Fools - Be Yourself 02 Hibernation - Trickle 03 Omnimotion - Cozy Life 04 Max Chorny - Gde Trava? 05 Abakus - Return To Rama 06 Eat Static - Follow That Camel 07 Blue Planet Corporation - A Foret(e)st Of Paradise 08 Ott - A Shower Of Sparks 09 Tripswitch - Cartwheel (Mirror System Remix) 10 ABA Structure - Rescue [size=130:2ceerspg]Download mix from Sendspace:[/size:2ceerspg] We are glad to represent you a new mix – [b:2ceerspg]Towards Dreams[/b:2ceerspg] made by [b:2ceerspg]Natural Crystal[/b:2ceerspg]. This set brought together true pearls of downtempo and lounge music. Work of talented musicians from “Cosmic Fools” opens this mix. Then go such projects as Hibernation with melodious running over the harp strings and pleasant woman’s vocal, Omnimotion with unhurried and tranquil Cozy Life, and also Max Chorny with his remake of well-known hit – “Gde Trava?”. While the mix is gaining its speed, we are turning into lounge mood with Abakus project. Eat Static and Blue Planet Corporation add action to the set by increasing its tempo. Englishman mister Ott replace them and adorns his track measured tempo by soft sounds of flute. Tripswitch and ABA Structure music supplements overall picture by airy atmosphere and add expressiveness and brilliance. Musical world of this mix opens before you like a beautiful flower towards a new day.