AuroraX - Seven Sunsets

As it is my 7th mix ive decided to name it somting a bit more special due to the significance of the digit "7" to me. [url=][img:2apu2ooa][/img:2apu2ooa][/url:2apu2ooa] [url=]NJOY[/url:2apu2ooa] Length - 1hr 57mins 21sec Genre - Psychill Bitrate 320/44.1 Tracklist: 01.ID - ID 02.Entheogenic - We Are One 03.Solar Fields - Fiat Lux 04.Gain Reduction - The Abyss (new edition) 05.Alex Shceffer - Under Your Mind 06.Chilling Matenda - Flashback 07.Sundial - Sacred Plants 08.Aes Dana - Opalin 09.Electric Universe - Heart On The Line 10.Atypus - Out Of Space 11.Kali Frogz - Tronic Ultimate 12.Mushroom Lab - Night Vibe (outbeat) 13.PhasePhour - Unpronounced Numbers 14.CBL - Proton / Electron 15.Enigma - 20,000 Miles Over The Sea 16.Astral Projection - 12,000 Suns For Nature and everything that has been chaotically created by the Universal randomness.