Aurorax - 3 Years Left 2012 (May 3 2009)

Hi all. I hope u njoy it [url=]Eilo database Link[/url:37ekvrxz] [url=][img:37ekvrxz][/img:37ekvrxz][/url:37ekvrxz] Genre - Psychedelic Duration - 1hr 45min 59sec Frequency - 192KHz Tracklist: 01.Xerox & Illumination - Control Me (Xi RMX) 02.Astrix - Chaos (Dj HighGuy RMX) 03.Solar System - Dark Star 04.Crying Freemen & Lamat - Spiritual Energy (RMX) 05.Space Buddha - Exceptional Insight 06.Electro Sun - High Cue 07.Audiotec - War of the Worlds 08.DNA - Speen of Sound Part 2 09.Astrix - Tweaky (Alien Project RMX) 10.Melicia - Runing Out of Time (DNA RMX) 11.Electric Universe - The Prayer (2009 RMX) 12.Alien Vs The Cat - Hear The Noise 13.Alien Project - Deeper 14.Sine Die - Vision 15.Space Tribe Vs Madmaxx - Time Warp 16.Gataka vs Apocalypse vs Glix - In My Mind (RMX) 17.System Nypel - Hello Sunshine I've tried to pick most of the tracks by darkish and lower leading loops or synths, describing the incoming future of doom or maybe an enlightment ... some of them are related by name - others by consistence.Few of them are 'lighter' in that matter but also colaborating with speeches and vocals regarding dark thoughts, sadness, actions and possible futures! I probably never said it before, but to be honest each one of my mixes is been made with a bit guidince of an abstract vision, feeling or something else. Its in the brain, no doubt about it :) I would also like to mention the feeling that i've been expiriencing during the last 2 tracks and exactly why i put them as final. I felt sadness ... and maybe hope... What will happen to us, human kind ?