Quantum beats and German Dignity - Interview with PRAHLAD

Quantum beats and German Dignity - Interview with PRAHLAD [img:15zdvlib][/img:15zdvlib] It might be in the nature of artists that they usually have a lot of interesting things to tell about their work, their inspirations or what made them become an artist. But you always know that you’ve met someone special if this person also talks about things which go far beyond the scope of the actual artistic working process. Prahlad definitely is such person. Sam invited him to the sunny balcony of Chaishop headquarters and had an interview with him. Sam: Hello Prahlad! How is it going? Prahlad: Very good! The sun is shining finally, this is a big thing in Germany. Sunshine- it’s good to have it! Sam: All right. So you are just releasing your debut album? Prahlad: That’s right! The album is called “Movements of Consciousness” and will appear on Millennium/YSE Records on the 27th of July. Sam: And also you have been deejaying around here in Hamburg, but just recently working on that album. How did it come for you to decide to go from the Djing to the producer? Prahlad: That’s a pretty good question. I guess I felt at some point that it was hard to get enough of the music that I felt wanted to play from what was being released on the one side. On the other side making music is something that I have been into since my childhood, and electronic music of course is also something that I have been fooling around with since a few years, so they were more parallel processes. It’s also something which I just do to express more of myself, things that I find difficult to put in words. Sam: Yeah, that’s a nice point of it! So your album is called Movements of Consciousness. Why did you choose this title? Prahlad: I was inspired by an interview with an Indian physicist, Dr. Amit Goswami, who is specialized on quantum physics, but also writes a lot on the aspects of quantum physics which can be applied to daily life, or to a way of seeing the world, and after hearing what he had to say on the subject it became very clear that there is a lot of similarities between quantum physics and eastern philosophy, or I should say the ideas of a lot of religions reaching from Buddhism to Hinduism. There are a lot of connections on the subject of the illusionary nature of the world, and how we interact with it. COMPLETE INTERVIEW AT: CD REVIEW AT: