Remix Competition: Winning Tune Pressed On Vinyl!

To mark the release of Microwave's debut single [b:3mfvtx2f]"The Sound Of No Good"[/b:3mfvtx2f] I have decided to launch a remix competition in search for talented producers who want to get their music signed and printed on vinyl along with some big names in the industry. You can listen to a full length version of the track at Microwave's MySpace profile: The general framework of Horseplay Records is Minimal Techno/House/Electro, but that should serve you as a guideline rather than a strict limitation to your creative approach. I am looking for interesting new wave dancefloor music, opposing the cliches of electronic music creation and pushing the boundaries of perception to a new level. If you are interested in taking part in the remix competition send a message to and I will arrange the transfer of a bank with sample extracts from the master track. [img:3mfvtx2f][/img:3mfvtx2f] Competition Rules: * You should submit only one remix per artist name. * Encode your final version as a WAV or AIFF (24bit preferred over 16bit) * The file should be sent via and addressed to * With your submission, include your: - artist name - real name - website address - mailing address - biography - photograph * Closing date for entry submission: 1.Sept.2007 Good luck and productive knob tweaking. Microwave