Sonic Rage
Top 10 December

Това е като now playing само че класацийка за декември според вкусовте на всеки за определения месец :) 1. Orestis vs. Madness Increazzed - Into the crypts of a ravaenous mind 2. Baphomet Engine vs. Datacult - Diktatur 3. CPC - Boom Tequila 4. Orestis vs. Strangers - Alitia 5. Melorix - You Think You Like It (Final Rmx) 6. Polyphonia - Wickedelic 7. Shiva - America Wake Up 8. Gorump Peyya - God Please Bless The Children (rmx) 9. Isentropic - Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes 10. Savage Scream - The Da Vinci Barcode

[b:1bca2wff][color=indigo:1bca2wff]1.Lost Buddha - Ataraxia 2.Orbital Vision - Incorpore 3.bizzare contact vs. system niple - bizzare niple 4.Electro Sun - No Senses Remix 5.cyber cartel - return to the source 6.gataka - down to earth (with perplex) 7.system nipel - illuminated progression remix 8.System Nipel vs Visual Contact - Lift Me Up 9.talamasca - halloween and illumination xi remix - the vision[/color:1bca2wff][/b:1bca2wff]

Delirious-Atmosfear Freakulizer-Codex Alien Project-Mover Over Atma-Beyond Good & Evil Timelock-Inner Bright The Commercial Hippies-COme and Play Space Buddha-Isradelic Pixel-Technology Spirit and Mind (Deep Impact rmx) Protoculture-Casiopea D-Tek - Always Choose Redial