Chemical Brothers - Don't Think

[img:12ank3d2][/img:12ank3d2] [quote:12ank3d2]For nearly two decades, the Chemical Brothers "mind-bending" audiovisual live show has played to packed houses and festivals across the globe, but it has never been captured on film until now. NCM Fathom, Omniverse and EMI Music come together to present "The Chemical Brothers Don't Think." Originally captured in 2011, at the iconic Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, this event captures the synesthetic barrage of sound, film and light and the transforming effect it has on its audience.[/quote:12ank3d2] [url=][size=200:12ank3d2]Trailer[/size:12ank3d2][/url:12ank3d2] Миналата седмица го гледах... mind = blown :P