Преди някое време в миналото ми бях се запознал с едно много вълнуващо направление в музикалния свят native trance-dance, знам че и друга музика може да накара един човек да испадне в това състояние на природния екстаз, но на мен са ми помагали goa trance и това... [quote:2wmwi8d7]Gabrielle Roth is an internationally renowned theater director, philosopher, and recording artist who has created her own form of ecstatic dance. She is the best-selling author of Maps to Ecstasy: A Healing Journey for the Untamed Spirit and Sweat Your Prayers: Movement as Spiritual Practice. Her teachings, for the past thirty-five years have permeated many areas of the culture and included many diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, corporate offices, theaters and growth centers. Her work has been featured in Self, Elle, Mademoiselle, New Age Journal, Body Mind Spirit, Shape and many other national publications. Her award winning musical recordings are on the cutting edge of shamanic trance/dance music. Gabrielle's workshops and retreats have an electric intensity that mates contemporary currents of rock music, modern theater and poetry to the ancient pulse of shamanism. She lives in New York City.[/quote:2wmwi8d7] Homepage: На може да се чуят семплове. Ако някой се интересува мога да дам няколко линка към албумите (лична поща).